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In 2018 we decided to start a locally registered, certified, garment manufacturing facility to add to our vertically integrated setup for customers who cannot meet the 'Minimum Order Quantity (MOQs)' of bigger vendors that we work with.


Since its inception, Unithreads has been dedicated to delivering the finest quality to our customers in its comprehensive knit and woven apparel enterprise.


Our in-house facilities cover every step of the production process, from cutting to stitching to packing. We intend to expand our garments per month capacity with more focus on sustainability along with using automation to enhance our efficiencies but keep MOQs low enough to cater to smaller quantity orders.

Here at Unithreads, we differentiate ourselves from other apparel manufacturers by holding ourselves to the highest quality assurance and environmental/social standards because we know the importance of satisfying and taking care of our most important resources - our customer and workers.

We are GRS, OCS and GOTS certified.

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